Ale Montañez © 2016 Expressionist painter of Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain, Planet Earth.

Entradas de GALERIA




Medidas: 30 x 23 cm.

Técnica: patel

In one of those nights where the sun and the moon were kissing in Taurus, I painted my first portrait. I looked at her face and those penetrating eyes like those of a panther took over me. The hands free from crayons touched the paper and where a beautiful face and the jet black hair had to appear, I managed to express Zenón interior.

I look at it and I see that the blues predominate, that next to the ochre the stair took shape which takes me to the sky, and brings me back down to earth. The red eye transmits force, courage and bravery. 

The blue takes over the work and forms the water and sky. They transmit the temperance of the horse. Behind an eyelid an eye is hidden as if it has the calmness and peace found in the elderly. I continue further and see a lake surrounded by pine trees where the earth is loved and pure air is breathed. The horses return at dusk looking for shelter and if any remain outside the others know that soon they will return home even in the middle of the night.

That red continues attracting my attention and that force hits me like a lion. I feel the warrior who gets up when he has fallen, who kneels when he believes and is protected by his instinct.

This work is very important to me not only because in it I painted those eyes which move me so much, but rather because after it a lot of my paintings were splashed by that look. I see those eyes in the paintings of La Habana, in Llaves pérdidas (Lost keys), Tucancobá, Pensamientos Inconexos (Unconected thoughts), Elefante rojo (Red elephant) and La llave del corazón (The key to the heart).